Installing from pip

The bapsflib package is registered with PyPI and can be installed with pip via

pip install bapsflib

For the most recent development version, bapsflib can be installed from GitHub.

Installing Directly from GitHub

To install directly from GitHub, you need to have git installed on your computer. If you do not have git installed, then see Installing from a GitHub Clone or Download.

To install directly from the master branch invoke the following command

pip install git+

If an alternate branch BranchName is desired, then invoke

pip install git+

Installing from a GitHub Clone or Download

A copy of the bapsflib package can be obtained by cloning or downloading from the GitHub repository.

Cloning the repository requires an installation of git on your computer. To clone the master branch, first, on your computer, navigate to the directory you want the clone and do

git clone

To download a copy, go to the repository, select the branch to be downloaded, click the green button labeled Clone or download, select Download ZIP, save the zip file to the desired directory, and unpack.

After getting a copy of the bapsflib package (via clone or download), navigate to the main package directory, where the package file is located, and execute

pip install .


python install