Getting Started

The bapsflib package has four key sub-packages:

  • bapsflib._hdf

    This package contains the generic HDF5 utilities for mapping and accessing any HDF5 file generated at the Basic Plasma Science Facility (BaPSF) at UCLA. Typically there is no reason to directly access classes in this package, since these classes are typically sub-classed to provided specific access to HDF5 files generate by each plasma device at BaPSF. For example, any data collected on the Large Plasma Device (LaPD) will be handled by the bapsflib.lapd package. For now, one can access data collected on the Small Plasma Device (SmPD) and Enormous Toroidal Plasma Device (ETPD) by utilizing bapsflib._hdf.File.

  • bapsflib.lapd

    This package contains functionality for accessing HDF5 files generated by the LaPD (bapsflib.lapd.File), LaPD parameters (bapsflib.lapd.constants), and LaPD specific tools ( Look to Using bapsflib.lapd for details about the package.

  • bapsflib.plasma


    package currently in development

    This package plasma constants and functions.

  • bapsflib.utils

    This package is for developers and contributors. It contains utilities used for constructing the bapsflib package.

In the future, packages for the Small Plasma Device (SmPD) bapsflib.smpd and the Enormous Toroidal Device (ETPD) bapsflib.etpd will be added, as well as, some fundamental analysis and plasma diagnostic packages.