The bapsflib.lapd sub-package contains the necessary tools to access data relevant to and collected on the LaPD. The _hdf package focuses on accessing and reading data written to HDF5 files. The constants package contains constants relevant to the LaPD configuration (e.g. cathode diameters, port spacing, etc.). The tools package contains functions and classes relevant for calculating LaPD parameters (e.g. converting port number to axial z location, etc.).

Sub-Packages & Modules


Sub-package defining the high-level interface to access and read data written in the HDF5 files generated by the Large Plasma Device (LaPD).


A package of LaPD parameters and constants.


This package contains a variety of tools (functions, classes, etc.) relevant to the LaPD and its configuration.



Enum of Control Device Types

File(name[, mode, silent])

Open a HDF5 file created by the LaPD at BaPSF.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of bapsflib.lapd._hdf.file.File